‘Global Gaming Business’ Magazine Review

Global Gaming Business magazine is a national magazine published by Casino Connection International, LLC – based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Issued monthly, the glossy 8×11 magazine is now in its 12th year of publication. Each month there are features on casinos in the United States, but foreign gaming jurisdictions are included also. The May 2013 issue includes articles on Toronto and Australia, but also zeros in on the booming casino industry in Macau and Cotai, where the regions future depends on more than mainland China.

High Points

Timely news

World-wide coverage

Industry leader columnists and contributing editors

Excellent photography with most articles

Low Points

Foreign market coverage is overly broad

Layout, design and game mix is rarely discussed


Global Gaming Business is published monthly

Standard issues run 76 pages.

Published by Casino Connection International, LLC.

Guide Review – ‘Global Gaming Business’ Magazine Review

Global Gaming Business is a large, glossy magazine publishing timely news about the casino industry around the world. The magazine’s columnists and contributing editors include a number of respected industry spokespersons and managers, like Gary Loveman of Caesars Entertainment and Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr. who is the President and CEO of the American Gaming Association.

Publisher Roger Gros adds his spin on the gaming industry each month, but the magazine presents an unbiased view of the state of gaming, and the editorial advisory board includes leaders from casino groups, software and game suppliers, and the American Gaming Association as well as the National Indian Gaming Association.

Where fellow magazines like Indian Gaming focus on the US market, obviously a magazine called “Global” has a larger market to cover. Articles do concentrate on casinos, but the thrust of the magazine is the global marketplace and the political landscape found in different countries and gaming venues.

The magazine definitely hits its own market for the select group of multi-country suppliers and casino organizations, but it may be missing a large segment of the reading public that also has an interest in the actual makeup, design, and game mix of casinos in other countries.

While photos of the outside of foreign casinos usually grace articles, it might be beneficial to show more interior shots. A casual reader will find articles on hospitality and customer service of interest, but when several pages are devoted to Japan and the possibility of casinos competing with Pachinko parlors for Japan’s entertainment dollars, readers would benefit from an insight into what the proposed casino properties might have in the way of amenities.

Of course US jurisdictions and casinos aren’t forgotten, and the current issue has The Tortoise The Hare about the speed, or lack thereof, inputting together the process of legalized gaming in Massachusetts, Heart of the City about New Orleans and Cleveland, and Shop /til You Drop, linking Las Vegas gaming and the mover towards non-gaming income – specifically from retail sales. There is plenty to read, and plenty to learn in each issue.

The idea of non-gaming revenues rising (“The explosion of non-gaming spend in the casino industry”) shouldn’t be a surprise to casino managers, since the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas proved the viability of high-end retail years ago, but managers seemed to be slow to embrace the idea that it was alright to draw some income away from gaming. Now, with casinos in most states, gambling isn’t the novelty it once was, and guests are including a shopping spree in their travel plans. Global Gaming Business explains the changes, and presents new ideas for casino managers.

For subscribers, a 12-month $99 deal is available that includes four annual supplements: Tribal Government Gaming, Casino Design, G2E Preview, and RD&E (Retail, Dining & Entertainment). Cover price is $10.

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