‘Harrington on Hold’em’ by Dan Harrington – Book Review Volume I

Harrington on Hold’em is a thorough and complete guide to understanding no-limit Hold’em poker tournaments. While there are two volumes, this review centers on Volume I: Strategic Play. The book features a breakdown of the game of No-Limit Hold’em, starting hand requirements, how to read the table and your opponents, pot odds and hand analysis, and all betting strategies for each round.

High Points

Very precise and detailed advice

Authored by a WSOP World Champion

375 pages in Volume I

Questions and Answers throughout the book

Low Points

May be too much information for some readers

Not a beginner’s guide

Conservative style of play requires excellent understanding of the materials and patience


Harrington on Hold’em by Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie was first released in 2004

375 pages including a short index

Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing LLC

Guide Review – ‘Harrington on Hold’em’ by Dan Harrington – Book Review

Harrington on Hold’em is a very detailed and precise guide to winning No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. Written by the 1995 WSOP Champion Dan Harrington and games expert Bill Robertie, this book presents the reader with a chance to learn strategies and formulas for tournament poker.

Because Dan Harrington is a very intense, conservative player, not all strategies my work for players who insist on using their own playing styles and starting hand requirements, but the depth of this book is quite incredible.

In fact, while it is not written for the beginning player, a relatively new player may learn enough to do fairly well in small tournaments. After experiencing the swings and flow of the game, those same players could come back to the book and understand more of what is offered. Their knowledge then would be quite strong.

The best aspect of this large volume is that each section presents new information and then asks specific questions for the reader to ponder and answer. As new hands and scenarios are presented the reader/player can begin working on their own strategy and see how their ideas compare to World Champion’s!

Getting full value out of this book requires a lot of work. Don’t expect to top the playing charts by skimming through a few chapters. However, a diligent reader will gain a whole new perspective for no-limit tournaments and will reap the rewards of their hard work when following the expert strategy advice from Dan Harrington. Highly recommended